New Direction in the Study of Wittgenstein

The Institute of European Studies

Conference 2019 – April 5th, Day Two

Wittgenstein in the 21st century:
New Direction In the study of Wittgenstein

Day Two – part 1 | Wittgenstein: The Description of The World

Day Two – part 2 | The Grammar of Conflict

Day Two – part 3 | Guo Xiang’s Doctrine of Lone-Transformation, Compared With Some Ideas of Wittgenstein


Conference 2019 – April 6th, Day Three

Wittgenstein in The 21st Century:
New Direction in the Study of Wittgenstein

Day Three – part 1 | How Whitehead Influenced Wittgenstein’s Thinking on Mathematics

Day Three – part 2 | Later Wittgenstein and The Genealogy of Mathematical Necessity

Day Three – part 3 | Of “The Thing I Want To Say”: On What Wittgenstein Wanted To Say

Day Three – part 4 | Liberatory Philosophy

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